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Project Piraeus
New private hospital for healthcare

New private hospital for primary and specialist healthcare, psychological support.

In its private hospitals in Athens and Perama, Doctors of the World offers private healthcare, supplies medication, listens, advises and helps those who are vulnerable and who do not have access to healthcare, whatever their status.

Until recently, the majority of patients received by Doctors of the World have been migrants. Currently, 45% are Greeks: with the collapse of the healthcare system, more and more people are losing their social security cover.

To deal with the constantly increasing number of people in vulnerable situations, Doctors of the World is due to open a new private general hospital in Piraeus this February.

In 2015, more than 600 general practitioners and specialists volunteered in the Doctors of the World private hospitals in Greece.

The new clinic in Piraeus will be equipped with doctors, dentists, surgeons, dermatologists, radiologists, cardiologists, lung specialists, neurologists, nurses, and social workers, who will provide free care and assistance to all these newly vulnerable people.

There will be a focus on mental health: the majority of patients have symptoms of depression and anxiety, intrinsically linked to difficult living conditions (unemployment, financial problems, etc.). For these patients, the volunteer psychologists from Doctors of the World will provide “short term” therapy plans, ranging from 6 to 12 months.  If necessary, patients are referred to a psychiatrist. Counselling sessions can also be arranged for children and teenagers.

As well as facing difficulties in gaining access to quality healthcare and losing their homes, some also have little access to food. Doctors of the World aims to distribute monthly food packages to the most deprived.