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Antigone of Jean Anouilh

Théâtre Marni (place Flagey)
Rue de Vergnies 25, 1050 Bruxelles

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Last weekend (7-8-9 and 10 April), there were four representations of Antigone by Jean Anouilh at the Marni Theatre in Brussels and all  the benefices will be refunded to the Emergency Greece campaign. The representations were in Greek with French surtitles.

Professor Englert was present at the first performance and after this, spoke about the campaign, called for signing the petition and thanked Nota Theâtrale for this initiative. There was also the possibility before and after the performance, to sign the petition and buy some goodies to support the campaign.

Antigone By Jean Anouilh at the Marni Theatre

With an untamed spirit, competitiveness and poetic mood the cast Nota Théâtrale comes back  this year to incarnate on stage "Antigone" by Jean Anouilh, a timeless symbol of  power dispute, a woman that endures her fate and guards the human consciousness at all times. It is an adaptation of  Sophocles play in which Gods lose their power to define human lives over Politics, whose servants succumb to their duty-profession "shooting where there are no names: “In the pile”.  In contrast, a woman stands against rationalism, brakes human’s laws and obeys to her own ethic. In 1944 the author Jean Anouilh and the stage director Andre Barsak in the obscure atmosphere of  the Second World War in a Paris under the fear and violence of  the German boot, manage to turn the Théâtre de l'Atelier in a cradle of hope and resistance. Seventy years later, the incompatible Antigone fully retains the meaning of  her existence where Laws  leave unburied every modern Polynice…